Selecting your real estate agent


Where to start? Online is a great starting point. Read reviews and check out the agents social Media. It’s 2018 everyone is on Facebook and/ or Instagram. Also ask around family/ friends/ co-workers are great resources and can refer you to someone they may have had a good buying or selling experience with.

make the connection

Have a conversation, interview them! If nothing is in writing; you are not locked into anything. This is your experience and you should feel comfortable with the person who is going to be finding you your forever home!

Don’t be someone’s paycheck

Yes, all Realtors make their money on commission, we don’t get paid until you purchase a home. Make sure you have an advocate! Don’t let someone push you into a home just to get paid!


A Brokerage is the main Real Estate Business. All agents work for a broker and brokerage. Both a Listing Agent and Buyers Agent may be working in the same brokerage, that is ok, just know the difference!

listing agent

  • Listing the Home that is for sale
  • Represents the SELLER
  • Paid Commission of Listing Side
  • Can Represent both the seller and buyer, listing agents represent the seller first and foremost

Buyers Agent

  • Works with Buyers to find a home
  • Represents the BUYER
  • Paid Commission on the Buy Side
  • Buyer(s) don’t pay Realtor Commission, unless previously discussed
  • May charge a fee for services

Why work with a realovative agent:

We work for you! Each Buying experience is different for everyone. It could take 30 days or 120 days to find and close on a home, sometimes even longer! We are here to answer, explain, guide you on all things related to the urchasing of your Forever Home! If you do like or want to work with your RealOvative Buyers Agent any longer, fire us – no hard feelings. We will be sad, but understanding. We do not believe in trapping you into a contractual agreement if we aren’t campatible or not providing you a great buying experience.

buyer’s Guide


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